Manouk Vink - Personal Trainer

Manouk Vink - Personal Trainer

Hi all! Nice of you to take a look at my profile. I use an individualistic approach to each client and depending on their goals will make a fitting program which I will adjust along the way so that it continuously serves the goals purpose and meets the clients needs and level of fitness. I will always listen to my clients if their goals change and will improve the program accordingly.

Fitness for me is very important! It is teaching my clients certain strength exercises to help build their physique depending on their goal! Not only this, but it is building strength and confidence not only physically but mentally maybe even more so. We do this through creating  a program that best suits my client and continuously adjusting the program to keep achieving and improving my clients goal until the goal is reached or evolved. My specialities are: strength training, building muscle, losing fat/weight, recompositioning your physique and also booty building and nutrition.

This is why I became a personal trainer and why I would love to help you with your goals in a sustainable way

I have always known I wanted to help people, but it took me a while to figure out I wanted to do this through fitness. Having always been very active in sports (swimming competitively,  horse riding, playing hockey) I ended up going to the gym at age 15/16 . Here I struggled achieving my goals, always questioning what it is that I needed to do in the gym and trying out all kinds of random workouts and getting nowhere.

Eventually, I decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition successfully! Through this experience I followed a strict nutrition and training schedule that was not sustainable in the long term at all. Having been in the best shape of my life I also learned how unhealthy I was at the same time! Such a strict regime was not good for my body and mind. This is when I decided to research more about nutrition and training and how I could help people achieve their goals in a healthy sustainable way, without having to go to the extreme and damaging your body. I am very passionate about this because I believe there is still so much false information out there when it comes to fitness and I want to help teach people the correct way to train and eat while still living a happy balanced life! I am excited to find out together with you what works for you in a way that you can keep up. 

Does this sound like something you are interested in? Then I would love to meet you to see how we can achieve your goals. You can make an appointment with me by sending an e-mail to or contact me via +31613477472. Making an appointment is mandatory.